Launching the app, you are hit with a sign up screen. Unlike Instagram, Amen doesn’t reveal any of its content before sign up. That’s disappointing although at least they do not force you to use a Facebook account.

After signup, you are taken to a screen full of updates by users you are supposedly already following. Amen has taken the unfortunate decision to automatically follow all existing users in your Facebook friends (who will get a notification about it) regardless of whether you intended to follow them or not. This list is completed by a selection of what appears to be recommended users (staff and early investors in the startup it seems). While a full screen greeting you after sign up is better than an empty one, Amen could have redirected you to the Popular section and let you follow your friends (and recommended users) at your own pace and will.

Although the app could do a better job at leading you to share your own “stands about the best or worst people, places, things and ideas”, the sheer number of opinions already shared on Amen stand for how responsive and smart the input interface feels. Your first opinion on a place is prefilled with the closest point of interest in your neighborhood. It even recognizes the type of restaurant you enter and will offer pre-filled statements for People and Things in case you run out of inspiration. A future version of the app will hopefully suggest more personally relevant content (pulled out of my Likes on Facebook for example) than the random statements about Matt Damon or Michael Jordan.

App: Amen
Our Grade: B
Reviewed by Paul

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